Old man looks back

This year I’m facing a summit birthday, and can see a long way from up here. But my need of something to look forward to is a great as ever. So I’m looking forward to a regular blog, aiming to view the landscape of a year through hindsight-tinted lenses. Perhaps I’ll provide other people with something to look forward to.

When I was five, the huge wait for my next birthday was amazing. Now, the gap between birthdays is just one seventieth of my life so far. It feels like driving a car when someone is putting bricks on the accelerator pedal. Every year’s milestone flashes past faster than the last. The sat nav of aging (mine and my wife’s) seems to decide more and more of the twists and turns in the road: ‘Recalculating. At the next opportunity make a U-turn.’ If only.

I’m committing myself to at least one blog entry per week until 2015 dawns. Perhaps a few entries will push on the brake pedal, and slow down the rush of time. [translation: Some might give pause for thought.]                     1 January 2014

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