Florist’s Dozen

A script-in-hand performance of this romantic comedy by Howard Timms was staged in front of an invited audience at:

Green Room, Playhouse Theatre, 47-53 Bath Rd, Cheltenham GL53 7HG

February 25, 2014 7.30 pm for 8.00. Admission free.

Cast includes:
Christine: Anja Stevens
Sandra: Gwenefor Roskilly
Mary: Hannah Healy
Derek: Adam Wright
Hesketh: Chris Stratton
Florist: Annie Ellis
Gloria: Gwenefor Roskilly
Marion: Hannah Healy
Anna: Gwenefor Roskilly
Susan: Gwenefor Roskilly
Dr. Watson: Min Lacey
Stephanie: Anja Stevens
Jane:Gwenefor Roskilly

Oxford, 1964. Student Derek Bradley, jilted by his study partner/girlfriend, is desolate – and worried about his final exams. To cheer him up, his drinking partners challenge him to engage a fiancée in the next ten days, getting a signed agreement. And then do it eleven more times!

Next morning, Derek realizes that it’s the last day of term, and almost everyone will leave Oxford today for the Easter holidays. Luckily, Chris, the second of his new ‘fiancées’ offers to track down other women candidates in the near-deserted colleges. But with refusals, rain soakings, a threat of arrest, and other challenges, the deadline rushes ever nearer. . .

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