News in Verse

Donald Trump
Trump refuses to concede defeat in the election which he lost by 5 million popular votes and 61 votes in the Electoral College.
15 November 2020

Hail to the Golfing Chief

A death toll each week
three times that of Nine-Eleven’s–
Donald’s hole in one.

Like Nero before
he plays around while home burns
with covid nineteen.

He scores his own card
calls rivals’ cards illegal
tries to erase them.

He hits a bunker
huffs and puffs the sand away
blows hard on his ball.

When he’s in a hole
he claims it as his target
says that he has won.

Dominic Cummings,
chief advisor to Boris Johnson,
leaves 10 Down Street.
Friday 13 November 2020

Thin Controller Derailed       
exclusive story from Tom Tank-Engine

He invented take back control
It took Boris Johnson four years
of dither to find its meaning.

All that time TC was busy
building a brand new terminus
with unfinished lines
to far off destinations.

Soon TC toe up tracks
of the local mainline to Europe
and the paint began to fade and peel
and peel of the glossy signs
for Magical Mystery Tours
to Prosperity, Fences On Sea,
Barnard Castle Home-from-home
International Law Mausoleum
Borderless Irish Excursions.
Conservative Rift Valley.

Huge crowds bought family tickets
on this will-of-the-wisp replacement bus
until Boris at last made a decision. The Cummings locomotive steamed
at last, turned out to be going.

Beavers re-introduced to the Forest of Dean

Michael Gove, the great big I am
when Brexit seemed to be in a jam
said to his boss ‘You see dear ma’am
I want to show that I give a dam.

My way of proving I’m an achiever
and environmentally I’m a believer
is showing the good of a well-toothed beaver
who proves a remainer, not eager leaver.

ill May flower or fly?

She says she’s strong and stable
but has proved that she’s not able
to deliver what she says she’s going to do.

When in charge of immigration
she broke a promise to the nation
by not cutting it as she said she would.

Instead, she pushed austerity
giving to posterity
cutting police jobs by twenty thousand.

One she yelled ‘Remain’
then changed her mind again.
Unprincipled, she ‘leads’ the other way.

She swore ‘No snap election’
unstably changed direction
saying she must have no opposition.

But cross-party Parliament
had supported her intent
to push her so-called Brexit plan.

May showed she hasn’t got election guts
to face debate and so she shut
the door on other party leaders.
[July 2017]

Apprentice President

Like many
I’m waiting for you
to be honest
on evidence
that Russia interfered
in your election publicity
hoping you will
for once
not fake
or mistake
the truth
before commenting.

Outclassed by a woman
who gained more votes
than you or any POTUS has
you claimed
record crowds
of supporters
at your inauguration
knowing very well
that protester crowds
were the real news.
Many people see in you
the kind of bully
they knew at school
with ever-changing
turning falsehood
into power
like the media bullies
you despise
for using lies
much more
than you.
[June 2017]

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